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Hi! We’re a Growth Team Helping The European Startup Community Grow & Win

From the creators of 500 Startups’ Distro Dojo, we can help you zero in on high impact growth areas.

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“An outside perspective from people who are incredibly smart, experienced and genuinely willing you to succeed, ended up being priceless for our growth.”Liam Houghton, Founder
“The program was a bit of a watershed moment for our business. There is an obvious increase in the gradient of growth when looking at the months around the program.”Colby Short, Founder
“The team know growth like the back of their hands and have an uncanny ability to identify growth opportunities in any startup.”Paul Young, Co-Founder


Instead we help you build Core Strengths so that growth becomes part of your DNA.

Quick wins workshop

Which 10% of experiments will drive 90% of your growth? This is a 4-hour program to identify the non-obvious keys to unlock your next phase of customer acquisition.

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Core Strengths Workshop

Core Strengths is an eight-week program to find your high-impact 10% focus areas, sort out your metrics, and adopt a process to engage your team, improve your unit economics, and scale quickly.

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Custom Engagements

We occasionally offer bespoke consulting for larger organisations, and clients seeking more specialized input or channel-specific acceleration.

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“They saved us months of focusing on the wrong areas and gave us the tools to tackle the right ones in earnest. I only regret that we didn't do this 12 months ago!”

Rob O'Donnovan, Founder & CEO, CharlieHR

“Since going through the program with Lexoo I've recommended the programme to so many people… in terms of learning it was definitely the most valuable month of my career to date.”

Curran Dye, Head of Growth, Lexoo

“The biggest thing for me is that it doesn't seem to be a one-time wonder experience. I genuinely feel like the framework, customer understanding and data understanding are things that have shaped the way we work and will continue to.”

Annabel Causer, Co-Founder, HonestBrew



After working with dozens of startups,
we discovered some surprising patterns:

  • Why you should not hire a T-Shaped Head of Growth
  • The 1 Critical Growth Decision Every CEO Must Make
  • Choosing KPIs that avoid perverse incentives
  • 8 Traits of the Best Growth Hires

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Get Insights Specific to Your Business

Apply to one of our upcoming 4-hour Quick Wins workshops*

  • Benchmark Review of your Core Metrics to find your rate-limiting step
  • Discover the most important customer outcomes
  • Find which messages will move your users to action with user psychology
  • Get Quick Win opportunities custom to your company

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* Note: Sessions are limited to 8 companies, so they fill up fast.

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